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TWO CASTINGS AVAILABLE  August 27th selling only 2 castings. 


JOIN MAILING LIST FOR RESTOCK NOTICES (sigh up through link at bottom of this page).  More to be listed in the future, including a few more excellent quality seconds.


CAST TO DATE:   17 Firsts and 10 Seconds have now been cast and sold as of August 27th, 2023


$235 + shipping collected at checkout 


"Yo-Yo" is a charming little Iberian stallion in a classically styled piaffe pirouette.  At 4.75 inches tall and solid cast resin he is 1:20th scale (venti).   


Extremely limited edition. These castings will be restocked periodically each month as new ones are created and notices will be sent to Morgen's mailing list (subscription sign up below).


Will ship immediately please use correct shipping address when checking out or contact immediately.  


Ships with a bonus special medallion and hand signed card as a thank you!


Shipping to Germany not possible at this time.



This tiny handful was started using a Missiouri Fox Trotter photo  but also inspired greatly by my own handsome gaited grade gelding charmer back in 2019. He was just a proportion demonstration sculpt but he was intended to be a Lusitano from the start & I quickly was inspired to make him an old master classical dressage horse (think Xenophon and Pluvinel).

Flash forward to September 2022 in California and a friend and I stopped at this absolutely amazing Lusitano farm in the Californian desert (our photos mixed in gallery here)  I just adored the stallions there and was inspired once more to revisit this sculpt when I got back.  Bonus that the scale now being more popular than ever and  that I've molded and cast in this scale for several previous resin editions and have new to me equipment for the task.


Each casting is individually being cast, cleaned and carefully quality inspected by Morgen who molded these herself.  This is why the edition will not be taking reservations of any type at this time (with no plans so far to do so).  In the future a brief time payment option may appear for 1 batch if the mold holds up (join mailing list for notices on new batches being restocked and if any offer a time payment option).