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This is a closed Dec 2021 edition and you can see the original sales information here:




There were a significant amount of extras from this mold due to casting challenges (most importantly including not having people to clean the seams).  I kept some of these here, raw, fully intending to paint an army but can release quite a few since it's been 3 years and I still haven't painted a horse anywhere yet!  (I will, I will!)..  there are 5 offered today at a discount of basically $100 for the raw status.  If you wanted a bigger discount I have a couple with significant seam gaps I'd take a bit more off for (they are not listed please contact me directly).  RAW HAS BIG SEAMS in some spots, these have shiney resin areas where the caster filled those with resin but didn't clean in any way.  A skilled artist prepper will make short work of this though but they are not for beginner prepping if you wish for LSQ.


These are postage paid in the US. 



Raw Casting Wycked Furyous


    About  the drinking mare Xlurpie:

    It's pronounced SLURPY yes.  ;)

    This is an offering for a white hollow cast resin traditional (1:9 scale) model depicted wading in and drinking water.

    Like many recent sculptures there are no plans to date to shrink her to other scales.   Maybe down the road in several years, I've cleaned enough tiny prints for production and would like a break for my eyes now.  I might revisit this but nothing is in the works here.  Plus she's already a derivative of a previous sculpture!

    Gallery of her creation to come here but she is a derivative sculpture of an older resin I've completely reworked.  We only half jokingly ripped this resin to bits on a live stream in 2021..  it was a well planned bunch of cuts since I knew I'd be remaking this one.  I've long been obsessed with horses in water and found the perfect candidate in my older Kiger mustang stallion (El Embosco).  Still this new sculpt is of a mare with longer and more rectangular build, so I removed and squished a lot around with heat.   Her head and neck, mane and tail etc, are totally recreated, other parts of her were squished around and then the surfaces totally resculpted; the shoulders cut down and chest narrowed/pinched in, I've changed her leg positions some even and added a smidge to her back length and just generally played with and modified every surface of her.

    In progress videos coming to social media pages soon!

    This Sweet Mare is also Super DIY Friendly:

    From my newsletter (see signup below)  I wanted to take a second here to point out that I did all of my photographing on very affordable easily accessible materials:  a round mirror and 2 different Cricut type material vinyl (chrome color, my favorite, gave the best water with a hint of ripple, but I also loved a shiny black).  Ea of those cost less than $15ea and are available at most chain hobby stores.  I felt it important to provide pictures using ALL of these options and when the 2 add-on actual resin base water options are complete with pictures those will be added later this month.  Other options I loved are glass bathroom shelves in smokey black with square edges without hardware attached are a LOVELY solution (a bit long for some folk’s shelves but really look lovely!).  Then of course there are so many DIY solutions with affordable pourable long curing resins (not practical for larger production volumes) and there are tons of videos that have been created these last couple of years.. SO (!) :)  I have no concerns that people will have no shortage of DIY ideas!!  So it was important for me to to make sure she could be sold alone and possibly pass some savings on to you creative folks!

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