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4 Castings   See artist's notes on why primer when purple was so so cute!!  I normally never sell seconds like this outside of Breyerfest & similar events in person where buyers can inspect.  These have rough spots, from end of mold.  They also have extra pinholes, some on belly some here and there and in general will still need more work than the average resin.  This is an 11 or 12 year old mold at the very end of it's life so be prepared for some extra work.   Discounted for these reasons.

Grey Primered SECONDS, Purple resin


I hesitated a LOT about selling the purple Kiplings… and thus:
These otherwise “really good seconds” are primered because I struggled with the wires showing at first (I basically struggled to get the wire lengths right) .. So while the purple was cute the effect was ruined by wires at the top of the backs. I tried digging them out and using color matched resin to fill the gouges.  Primarily because I was experimenting to be honest.  Then I decided while it *looked* nearly smooth I couldn’t be sure.  So I primered finally to be certain.  I know that’s a bummer everyone loves the colors but the quality of the painted product is super important to me and having oversanded backs would be a second issue I’d be unhappy to sell.